Since the late 1990’s Aurora has been at the forefront of Microplate Technology and Innovation. Our
first microplate product was a 3456-well plate capable of 1uL reaction volumes. Aurora pioneered the use of high-performance materials and production methods to make the cleanest, flattest and static-free plates available. Aurora uses exacting techniques and methods in mold construction, mold maintenance and production cleanliness to keep our products ready for demanding science applications.

Aurora and its’ partners adhere to a strict quality doctrine- all of our products are made in an ISO-13485 Registered Facility. The production facilities are inside Class 8 clean rooms with HEPA filtration systems located immediately above the manufacturing equipment. This assures dust and static-free products that will perform to exacting standards.

Aurora’s microplate products are used by the most demanding scientists around the world. Early-stage drug-discovery research requires precision and consistency in microplate technology. Microplates used in the critical discovery applications used in these settings should be an invisible “bucket” where reactions can take place and be monitored without interference from the plate. Aurora uses this as its’ guideline for all operation, innovation and evolution of its’ products.


Today Aurora makes a wide range of 384, 1536 and 3456 well microplate products that will enhance
your assay performance through increased fluorescence and luminescence sensitivity, better signal to noise, improved z’ windows and clearer and more defined images in microscopy. Please reach out to us for more information about our products and our processes.

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