High Performance and High Precision Microplates

Aurora Microplates’ products are constructed of cyclo-olefin polymer (COP) which has distinctive physical and chemical properties that are superior to polystyrene and polypropylene. Unlike conventional microplates, COP creates a superior combination of optimal clarity, thermal stability, biocompatibility, low auto-fluorescence, flatness and chemical resistance.

All Aurora plates are made from 100% Virgin COP which is 100% biocompatible.

  • Aurora & E8 Microplate Manufacturing

  • Ultra Clean Electric Press

  • Exclusive to COP use

  • Enclosed HEPA environment

  • Local Class 1000

  • Room Class 1000

  • Full Robotics for Film Insertion and Part Retrieval

  • Insert Injection Molding with complete process

    • telemetry and alarm feedback

  • Virgin Polymer and Film

  • FDA Grade Material

  • Parts packaged in clean room with antistatic bags

  • Well Dimensions: Afford a much lower surface area to- volume ratio compared to 384-well microplates at the same volumes. This contributes to lower rates of evaporation and higher data quality.

  • Usable Volume: Supports a usable volume of 8.75 µL and 2.4 µL for the 1536-well and 3456-well microplates, respectively.

  • Round Wells: Promotes uniform cell distribution by eliminating aggregations in the corners of square wells. They exhibit a meniscus that is better suited for optical measurements.

  • Flat Bottom Wells: Excellent for optical measurements and microscopic examination.

Unique Features Increase Performance

Microplate Flatness

The flat-bottom design of microplates from Aurora are optimized for high-performance imaging and mutli-mode detection. The flat bottom allows for more efficient plate washing results. The bottom surface is engineered to be extremely flat with a high transmittance window for optical measurements of each well.

Automation Compatible:

COP Plates meet the rigorous demands of laboratory automation. The plates are qualified for fit and function that ensures reliable handling in robotic operations. Special automation features on the plates can include fiducials, flanges and cutouts for positioning and embossing during microplate stacking routines.

Quality Manufacturing:

All microplates are manufactured under strict process controls guaranteeing consistently high performance. Plates are made under clean room conditions in an ISO-13485 registered facility according to currently-accepted quality standards. All microplates are non-pyrogenic (<0.06EU/mL). Certain assay requirements may prohibit conformance to these standards in order to achieve desirous results.

Low Evaporation Lids:

Lids are included in with all microplates, unless otherwise specified. Each lid significantly reduces sample loss due to evaporation. A series of channels restricts airflow yet allows for gaseous exchange in the well array. This reduces the transfer of water vapor between the wells and the external environment, and results in lower evaporation of aqueous solutions or reduced water uptake for DMSO based applications.

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