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High-Performance and High Precision Microplates

Aurora Microplates’ products are constructed of cyclo-olefin polymer (COP) which has distinctive physical and chemical properties that are superior to polystyrene and polypropylene. Unlike conventional microplates, COP creates a superior combination of optimal clarity, thermal stability, biocompatibility, low auto-fluorescence, flatness and chemical resistance. Aurora Microplates holds exclusive patent rights for the use of this plastic in high-density microplates for laboratory research.

Unique Features Increase Performance

  • A1 Chamfer: Allows for quick visual orientation of microplates when setting up automation runs.

  • Bar Coding: Each label has an 8-digit number adjacent to the bar code symbol. It can be used for data collection and auditing of the scientific data on the microplate. Labels have been tested for readability, chemical resistance, and temperature variation.

  • Well Arrays: Features an array of 1700 wells on the 1536-well microplates or 3700 wells on the 3456-well microplates, which includes assay wells and perimeter wells.

  • Perimeter Wells: The perimeter consists of 164 or244 dummy wells for the 1536-well and 3456-well microplates, respectively. When filled with aqueous or DMSO solutions, these wells effectively shield the assay wells from the edge effects of evaporation or water uptake.

  • Assay Wells: Featuring a 32 X 48 well array for the 1536-well microplates and a 48 X 72 well array for the 3456-well microplates. Both microplates are compatible with the 8 X 12 grid that is common in liquid handling and microplate reading devices.

  • Well Dimensions: Afford a much lower surface area to- volume ratio compared to 384-well microplates at the same volumes. This contributes to lower rates of evaporation and higher data quality.

  • Usable Volume: Supports a usable volume of 8.75 µL and 2.4 µL for the 1536-well and 3456-well microplates, respectively.

  • Round Wells: Promotes uniform cell distribution by eliminating aggregations in the corners of square wells. They exhibit a meniscus that is better suited for optical measurements.

  • Flat Bottom Wells: Excellent for optical measurements and microscopic examination.

Key Attributes of Aurora Microplates’ Plates

Key Attributes of Aurora Microplates’ Plates

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