1536 Square Well, White, High Base, Solid Bottom

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  • Flatness under 200uM
  • Excellent S/N performance
  • Solid, 100 & 188uM film bottom options
  • Low, Medium & High Bind Tissue Culture Treatment & Coating options


1536 SQ well HiBase plates are available in Black, White and Clear with solid-bottoms. 1536 SQ HB plates are available Tissue-Culture Treated for assays using cells with a 2.3 mm2 bottom surface area. 1536 SQ HB plates have a very consistent bottom thickness making them ideal for compound storage and retrieval using pin-tools or Acoustics. The tapered well shape and size (5mm well depth) enables a low-dead-volume (10.2uL useable volume) result reducing waste and un-used material. All Aurora plates are available with standard or custom bar-coding.

All Aurora White plates are made with the same White Pigment formulation which is optimized for the best intra-well signal production and elimination of well-to-well cross talk.



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TC Treatment

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