384 Square Well, White, Low Base, Evap Barrier, 100µM – Aurora

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384 SQ Solid bottom plates are available in Black, White or Clear with larger-volume (126μL) square solid-bottom wells. 384 SQ plates are available Tissue-Culture Treated for assays using cells with a 7.5 mm2 bottom surface area. 384 SQ plates are available with an Evaporation Barrier row of wells which can be filled with most current dispensing systems to help prevent differential liquid evaporation from the edge assay wells. These square well plates are suitable for a variety of applications using chemicals, cells, proteins or nucleic acids. All Aurora plates are available with standard or custom bar-coding.

All Aurora White plates are made with the same White Pigment formulation which is optimized for the best intra-well signal production and elimination of well-to-well cross talk.



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